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Ryco Hydraulic Hoses

Ryco Hydraulic Hoses

The RYCO Hydraulics range of spiral and wire braid hydraulic hoses includes:





The RYCO Hydraulics fitting range includes the technically superior RYCO one-piece and two-piece Bitelok couplings, straight and forged adaptors. Improve the safety of your hose assembly by matching RYCO Hose to RYCO Fittings.
With increasing demand for higher operating pressures it is reassuring to know that RYCO matched hose and fittings not only comply with, but exceed SAE and AS standards.

RYCO Bitelok couplings are designed and manufactured by people who know hydraulics. The RYCO Bitelok couplings are a one-piece non-skive crimp coupling that provides Higher Technology and Greater Performance.
Bitelok couplings incorporate technologies such as:

MONO BLOCK BENDS are made from a single piece of steel (mono block) and are far superior to and stronger than fabricated welded style constructions. Being of one-piece construction there is no chance of a leak path developing from a faulty weld.

MICRO GOOVES improve oil retention. Acting similarly to a series of O Rings, they resist the pressurised seepage of system oil over the life of the hose assembly. Together with reverse barb technology they provide superior sealing properties.

NON-SKIVE The need for skiving has been eliminated on RYCO Bitelok couplings.
This is a great advantage when making hose assemblies. Non-Skive hose assemblies save time and money and further reduce risk by eliminating an additional process.

BRANDING Swivel Nuts have Connector Style, “RYCO”, Batch Code and Dash Size branded; Inserts have Part-Number, “RYCO” and Batch Code branded; Ferrules have Hose Styles, “RYCO” and Batch Code branded; providing simple identification, complete traceability and enhancing safety by reducing the risk of error.

If it's not branded - it's not RYCO

REVERSE BARB TECHNOLOGY (non-aggressive barb form) reduces stress of the liner (hose tube) and prevents oil entrapment within the coupling, resulting in excellent sealing without the risk of localised tearing of the liner that can occur with more aggressive sharp-edged barb forms.

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